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R.I.P. Rick Conroy
March 27, 2009, 6:38 am
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This morning when i was eating my breakfast i checked in on my fish to see how he was holding up. Over the past week or more he has not been doing so hot. More or less he would lay on the bottom of his bowel and breath once in a wile.

So now this Thursday March 26th 2009 marks the day of his death. I commemorated him by scanning his shell of a body into my computer, i then dropped him in the toilet and proceeded to empty my bladder on his carcass (when ya godda go ya godda go). I think he would have wanted it that way, seeing as he was a fish i assume he would have preferred me to have conserved the water.

Factoids about my fish, Rick Conroy:

  • Named after one of my Collage profs. who was always down to instigate a fight, so to was my fish when you peered into his world /bowl.
  • I once left Conroy for ten days with no one to feed him. I placing his bowl by the window hoping this would slow his metabolism. It worked He survived as noted  and was feistier then ever. As mentioned above, he was a fighter.
  • He has made it through three moves with me, one from the island to the mainland.
  • Rick is not my fist Siamese fighting fish i have owned. The fist was named “Blue” (for obvious reasons). I kept Blue in a novelty wine glass above the mantle. One day Blue had decided to check out, he just vanished, no good bye  note or nothin. About one month later  my room mate discovered Blues almost unrecognizable hardened shell of a body between the arm rest and seat of my lazyboy. I shellacked his body and kept it out on the deck were it stayed, even after we moved out. You were my boy Blue 😥

So now i have an empty bowl, i guess its much less work this way!

so long little buddy

so long little buddy


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One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish!

Drowned fish, dead fish, now you have no fish!

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