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Michael Jackson King of POP & Pedophilia
April 1, 2009, 4:17 pm
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The all time ultimate roll model/super star for child molesters of all time has got to be MJ.

Think about it, most creepers are lucky if they have a windowless un-marked van and faulty promises of kittens and candy. This Wacko on the other had has built an entire  fantasy land were he can rape children un-tell his balls fall off(probably already have form too much plastic surgery). When he was taken to court they showed his house, in his bed room (were he shares his bed with small children) there is an alarm set up to the door of the room. Ingeniously MJ had this installed so that he would be warned of any one coming close to his  romps with the children.

Apparently he already owns three child sex slaves, the original parents were so shitty at looking after these kids, the law thought it would be a good idea to hand them over to the mischievous hands of Michael Jackson. Prince Michael I, Prince Michael II and Paris are the kids unfortunate enough to call DAD, or as I like to think they call him Daddy Mc Raperson. So im not sure if he owns these kids out right or if he is paying them off or what the deal is but apparently its not enough to satisfy MJ’s cravings. Wile touring England MJ plans to adopt a new sex slave child, what better souvenir to have then a child’s virginity.

This is completely fuck I do not under stand how a weirdo fuck like this guy (albeit his music is good) is aloud to get away with the shit he does and not wined up in prison getting raped him self. 

Now lets have a look at some photos of MJ  with kids that he captured using nets! seriously what the fuck is on there heads?!?


seriously, nets on their head?

seriously, nets on their head?


Its as though he is announcing to the world, “look i’ve captured these kids and there is nothing you can do!”

And just for good measure…jackson_l1


""what you call "child molestation" I call making love""

""what you call "child molestation" I call making love""



I will never truly understand how we as a culture/society sit back and decide its cool that MJ has children sex slaves captive in his fantasy fortress of love. Perhaps secretly we all wish we could be there too, i know thats not what i wish but im guessing most of the world is fucked enough to wish this.


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