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Sensory Deprivation Flotation Chamber
April 2, 2009, 3:59 pm
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I came across a book last summer that dealt with the above mentioned. Not sure if every one saw the episode of the Simpsons were Lisa drags Homer to a new age hippie store to test out a Sensory Deprivation Foltation Chamber (SDFC). In short its a coffin like contraption filled with room tempeture water, the water has a shit ton (tecnical term) of epson salt desolved into it wich helps the user to foat. Water in the Chamber is kept at room temp. so that the person inside can tell little difference between the air and the water, giving them the sensation of floating. On top of all this it is pitch black inside and you can not hear any thing (hence the “deprivation”). Experiences vary form user to user, many people have reported out of body experiances involving details of venturing to different locations (astro plane traveling). For a wile I was super obsessed with finding on of there SDFC and trying it out, i search lots of places on line and about town to no avail. In the back of the book I had bought there were instructions on how to build one of these things, had I owned my own property there is not doubt that i would have built one. I have yet to experiance this and am still keen on trying it out. There must be a place in Vancouver (mayber Seatle) were i can go for a joy ride in one of these contraptions. If any one has any leads on were I can go to try this out, send me a note. I look forward to blogging about the experiance 🙂


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Thanks to “Guess Who” I now know of a place in White Rock with facilities, Im gettin excited!

Comment by reasoninmadness

yayyy!!! did you email him??

Comment by Guess Who?

I did, it’s in South Surrey and for $25 you can float for an hour and a half.
Perhaps ill got for a float some time this week, ill keep ya posted!

Comment by reasoninmadness

thats awesome. i cant wait to hear about your experience!!

Comment by Guess Who?

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