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Old People
April 5, 2009, 1:16 am
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Last Summer my friend David and I were doing some product research for a fake company we intended to create. We were in London Drugs taking photos of products that were “old tyme” which we intended to use as inspiration for the foundation of this would be false company. David was having supers brutal hay fever, so he picked up some medicine to help combat his plugged up synises and runny nose. It was a sunny summer day so I chose to wait in the parking lot, as opposed to the cash line (which is one of my all time hated events in life, making midnight grocery shopping a popular trend of mine). While in the parking lot i observed an adorable old lady smoking and watching the birds. I wish i had went and  talked to her, she looked like quite the character. I do not have many old people in my life at the moment and at times I feel an uncontrollable urge to converse with them. This was one of those times, I couldn’t think of a reasonable approach, but there was some thing about this old lady, Edith (I nick named  for no particular reason other then the fact that she looked like an Edith). So i snapped a few shots which i had intended to use in some kind of creative endeavor latter on. In my fantasy land i pictured striking up a conversation with Edith, we would hit it off and every Sunday (tell the day she kicked the bucket) we would meet at a coffee shop and talk about how today’s children have no respect, morals or sens of work ethic. Of course i would buy her coffee because her meager Canadian pension cut her spending coasts to a minimum. But non of that happened, instead i took pictures of her from afar and later on would photo shop them into a col loge of types.

❤ Old People



Also wile in London Drugs that day i recall passing an older man (might have been in his late 70’s) sitting on some stock boxes in the candy isle. He seemed to be fairly out of it, and was staring off into space wile he savoured an Eatmore candy bar. My first thought was, this poor old man doesn’t have enough money that he can justify buying candy so he is resorting to eating in the store and not paying. I also had a fantasy’s of grandeur were i would befriend the old man and we would become long time pals. Latter on that day I was recounting the imagery left in my brain of seeing this old man sitting there eating the candy i assumed he couldn’t afford. My g/f (at the time) suggested that he may have been diabetic and was having a crash and needed the sugar in his system immediately. This was a less sad thought in that, he could very well afford the candy but also sad in the way that i just passed judgement and walked by him when he very well could have needed some help. My grandma has recently been diagnosed as diabetic. One day wile out grocery shopping she had a crash, she made it to her car and sat there contemplating what to do, wilst on the verge of passing out. As luck would have it she hap-pend to have purchased some maple syrup that day. So she opened the bottle and swalled it back, it worked! Now she always carries around some candy in her purres in case of such emergency’s .


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She totally does look like an Edith. Or possibly a Gretchen.

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