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April 6, 2009, 10:00 pm
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Douglas Fisher

I was sitting in the park, soaking up the sun wile on my lunch break when along came an older fellow (in his 60). He said some thing about it being a beautiful day and he took a seat next to me. I asked him how he was doing and he angrily grumbled a few things about being fed up with this shit and crap. I didn’t quit hear so i asked again. He told me that he has cancer of the liver and has had hepatitis B for quit some time. I asked how he got it, he pushed up the  short sleeve of a grubby orange tee shirt to reveal a scared/bruised bicep. He told me that he stupidly got into drugs, but has been clean for a wile now. A question I like to ask people who have gone down this path and come out the other side is, so why would you do that, every one knows these drugs are super addictive. Doug did really have a strait answer for me, at fist he strait out said he did’nt know. He looked off into the distance with a furrowed brow and thought hard about the question. He told me he came from a strict family but a good one. His parents loved him and were still alive in the Oakanogan. He recounted some of his past jobs and said that he just started hanging out with some boys about ten years older then him. He smoked weed and try-ed acid with these new friends, and one day they told him that he had graduated and it was time for him to try this other crap. At this point he seemed to get really sad, on the verge of tears, then he said he did’nt blame any but him self. Doug told me he had a son and a daughter (he talked about them fondly). Unfortunately he rarely gets to see his family, the daughter lived in the Ottawa (she is becoming a veterinarian) and the son (a plumber) lives here in Vancouver but the sons wife doesn’t like him so he doesn’t get to see them often. I reassured him that its good his parents are still alive and he has these great kids. I also asked if he is glad he had kids, also an interesting question to me seeing as i am not wanting them my self. He kind of looked offended at fist and shot me a glance and said of course. I told he the reason i asked is that i do not for see them in my future, he responded by saying im a smart man.

Some of Douglas Fishers jobs

Inventor of the extendable dog leash, vehicle battery insulator/warmer (cause batteries loose power in the cold, “so papa why can’t we just put some thing over it to keep it warm”) most recently invented the rocket perpelled fishing caster , this uses compressed air to lonch your cast if you happen to love fishing but are unable to cast due to phisical disabilities. He told me that he had to go to the States to pattent these and got ripped off in the process.

*truck driver (“pulled in the big money doing that boy”)

*worked on the tug boats,

*worked in mills

* was an aspiring writing/actore, aparently he still writes.

When we went to part ways, he told me his name and extended his hand, i was fearing this point in the interaction due to the fact he said he had HepB and there were variouse cuts on his hand. It was a bit accward at that point, i kind of went to give him a fist pound but did’nt connect it.

Over all it was a good interaction, I am glad to have met Douglas Fisher, perhaps Ill run into him again some time id like to see if I could get some thing that he has writen.


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wow. sounds like an interesting guy you met.

you need to work on your spelling. perhaps a spelling test first thing every morning will help?

Comment by Guess Who?

I gave up on spelling a long time ago, i was actually kind of hoping writing more would help me out in that area 😛
I think one reason why my spelling was off the charts horrible in this post is due to the time constraint of my lunch (which i type it in) and the fact i was wanting to write it out fast so i would not forget the details.
Any who, ill try and be a bit more careful for my readers sake 🙂

Comment by reasoninmadness

Am I a bad person for being slightly amused by the past jobs section?

Comment by Not Me

seems perfectly reasonable to me 🙂

Comment by reasoninmadness

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