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April 8, 2009, 10:29 pm
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the practice of eating insects as food.

Seeing as the world seems to be going to shit and we are swiftly cutting through our resources, I can envision entomophay become more common place in North America. Currently almost every Continent around the world practices entomophay (aside from North America and Europe). Who knows, soon every one may very well have a caterpillar farm on their kitchen window sills. I kind of like this idea, its more of less self sustaining,  i don’t think i would feel so bad eating a caterpillar as i would eating a cow or pig. Pigs by the way have the IQ level of a 3 year old child, so the next time you bit into a Christmas ham imagine that your eating your three year old niece. That’s pretty creepy cause i always found ham to be the most resembling to human flesh, especially those giant glazed Christmas hams. What part of the pig does this come form any ways, its a HUGE chunk of meat with no bones through it, I don’t get that? As a kid growing up i was always turned off by this kind of pig product, partly cause it reminded me of human flesh and the other part is because i used to ride a school bus every morning, the kid sitting in front of me (Cory) was probably 100 pounds over weight. Cory would sit with his arm and tit hanging over the back of his seat, he would often eat ham sandwiches. After Cory would get off the bus there would be a indent in the back  rest of the seat were his tit meat was resting, and this indent would smell of ham. In short i think i would be open to trying out caterpillar meat.

Why caterpillars? These little fellows pack a walloping 28 grams of protein per 100 grams [source: Lyon]. They’re also loaded with iron, thiamine and niacin. You may know those last two by their more common names — vitamins B1 and B3.


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north america and europe are not countries..

we also need some geography lessons.

Comment by Guess Who?

double wammy life hate 😦

Comment by reasoninmadness

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