Reason In Madness

Corpes and puppy dogs
August 13, 2009, 3:58 pm
Filed under: Dreams I've Had

My brother (Kevin) and i were both living at home again.

For some reason we each had a dead body of a friend or what ever, that we were tring to keep alive. With some help from the internet we found out that its possible to keep the bodies organs and what not functional as long as you pump motor oil through there body. Part of the deal was also that you had to inject the motor oil into them, the easyist way was to cut off a hand and inject it into a stump. Kevin and i both orderd or bought the oil and equitment to inject but neither of us could go through with it. I do have a pretty strong vission of the corps though, pretty disturding shit!

The good news is after this dream/nightmare i had one were i found a dog and got to keep him :D. I was sitting at a fountain and felt some thing poke me from behind, it was a little hobo dog!

Ive been jonsin to get a dog for a wile now, i dont think its really practial but i can dream can’t i.


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